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Wij bieden zeer persoonlijke diensten aan in

verschillende domeinen van loopbaanbeheer

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Pangloss Outplacement

The basis for the Outplacement program is always the individual coaching, performed by one coach who’s supporting the candidate

from A to Z. In addition, the program offers a cycle of 17 workshops on specific items, starting with change management and ending with contract negotiation, where candidates get the opportunity to meet each other in small teams of maximum 12 people. Next to this, we organize ad hoc activities with HR people, head-hunters, and business peoples in a spirit of networking and sharing experiences.

Digital ‘’OnlyGoodCoffee@Pangloss’’ gatherings are organized on a frequent basis in order to assure the candidate’s satisfaction

As such, Pangloss’ Outplacement is not only a highly personalized program, it also deals with Outplacement from a wide-angle.

Pangloss Outplacement

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Pangloss Preplacement

Obviously and for many reasons, labor relations may deteriorate over the years. Both employer and worker may realize that the continuation of the collaboration is no more preferred but don’t find any satisfactory solution to this problem within the  current framework of the labor legislation.

Preplacement offers a constructive and elegant solution that avoids dismissal and all the negative consequences associated with this. The advantages are numerous: the worker stays motivated during his transition period whilst the interior employer branding is positively impacted by it.

After being absent for a long period (burn-out, illness...), the re-integration into a team, organization which kept on evaluating, may be difficult. Pangloss offer here personal guidance, which narrows the gap and re-aligns the worker with his motivation and the company’s ambition.

Pangloss Preplacement

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Individual coaching program - with the possibility of combining with an outplacement


The Pangloss Intl placement pays particular attention to the mobility of human capital within your company. It is considered when certain functions disappear, in the event of a malfunction or when an internal reorientation is necessary.
The objective is to help workers take the necessary steps to reorient their career or find the necessary anchoring points within their professional environment

Pangloss Inplacement

Pangloss Inplacement

Sandy Beach

Next Steps

Without any doubt, retirement is the biggest change in our careers. Pangloss developed a program allowing us to be fully prepared for this transition.

Next Steps

Sunset in the Woods

As experts in change or transition management, tailor-made projects of any kind, fit entirely into our specialization. In full collaboration with the management of the organization, we work out an effective transition program. 

A few examples:

  • A ‘back to work in a new normal’ project was successfully rolled-out during the COVID-19 lockdown period, offering employees a support and way to express their worries and expectations

  • A DISC based assessment and team building, dealing with a team satisfaction and motivation

Tailor Made Projects by Pangloss

Tailor Made Projects

Grassy Mountains


All internal trainings or workshops, next to specific designed, can be organised for your organisation in our premises or at other locations.

Pangloss Trainings


Talent For Belgium

Onze rekruteringsevenementen zijn exclusieve en unieke wervingsevenementen waarbij een beperkt aantal bedrijven de kans hebben om aan de loopbaanverwachtingen te voldoen en deze te delen met vooraf geselecteerde en uitgenodigde kandidaten die tot een specifieke doelgroep behoren.


Een grote attractiecampagne richt zich op het aantrekken van kwalitatieve kandidaten en de employer branding van de deelnemende bedrijven.


Een voorselectieproces garandeert kwaliteitskandidaten die voldoen aan de vereisten van de vacatures die door de bedrijven worden voorgesteld. Wij zijn verantwoordelijk voor dit voorselectie- en uitnodigingsproces.


We zijn ook verantwoordelijk voor de hele organisatie van de dag op het gebied

van interviews, bedrijfspresentaties, logistiek, catering, enz.


Dit proces garandeert een onmiddellijk rendement op de investering.

We organiseren dit evenement sinds 2006 en lanceerden in 2013 een uniek evenement voor kandidaten ouder dan 45 jaar.

Pangloss won in 2013 een speciale prijs bij de HR Excellence Awards voor dit initiatief.



Bekijk onze evenementen!

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