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Outplacement, our expertise since 1991

Compare Pangloss Outplacement with a walk through the forest

Our unique Human Made outplacement programs are comparable to a walk through the forest. A breath of fresh air, necessary to analyze and reflect on the past, be in the present in order to prepare a new professional future.

Oxygen is the basic requirement for life.

Through a unique methodology, your Pangloss coach will adapt to your rhythm and needs. 

Quality, flexibility, and availability are our keys to your success.

Success Rate

In 2021, thanks to our personalized services 85% of our candidates (with an average age of 52) in outplacement with Pangloss Outplacement signed a new employment contract or launched their own business within the period of their program.

Our tailor-made and personalized approach clearly brings results! Pangloss already helped 6000 people during their transition.

Pangloss Outplacement is based on the “Human Made” concept

In practice, our coaches adapt themselves to the profile of every individual. We’re not a great fan of standardized and uniform methods as we understand the needs of every candidate to be unique.

Although Outplacement is absolutely our core business, we also offer Preplacement (a service set up for workers who face radical choices at work and where both parties prefer not to make use of dismissal procedures).


“Getting fired at 52 years old .... not obvious and yet a great opportunity for me. After a thorough balance of my professional life with my coach and the personality analysis used by Pangloss Executive, it became clear to me that it was time to take a new path independently. I started my own company with natural and organic cosmetics. During the various workshops organized by Pangloss Executive,  I even found my brand name: Marinette.

In addition, a brainstorming session was organized with Business people from Muriels Business Network who helped me fine-tune my Business Plan. Everything was done to make my activities and the big switch I made possible. So you can see that at 52 years absolutely everything is still possible, as embodied by Muriel! Life begins at 50!” 

Dominique Marinus

Founder Marinette Cosmetics

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